• Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique Game 3DS (Selects)
Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique Game 3DS (Selects)

Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique Game 3DS (Selects)


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Taking on the role of assistant at a local fashion store in town it&39;s down to you to work your way up to the coveted position of boutique owner influencing style all over town and shining brightly under the spotlights of the catwalk You&39;ll be put through your style paces as new customers with unique preferences come through the shop Work out the type of clothing they would like based on what they&39;re already wearing as well as their personality - and see if you can exceed their expectations! Your aim is to successfully match the right clothing and accessories to each customer putting together outfits to make them happy - and your boutique more popular! With around 12000 items available to choose from across a variety of brands including accessories and - for the first time - bags as well as men&39;s fashion to contend with Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique is set to test your sense of style as well as your ability to run a store snapping up deals at the Exhibition Hall and ensuring your shop has the most in-demand fashion in stock New parts of town open up as your customers&39; happiness spreads allowing you to explore new areas such as the Hairdressers and the Photo Studio This also unlocks more brands and new interior designs to give your boutique a unique look You can even go out and meet up with some of the game&39;s charactersif you manage to keep up with your busy schedule that is! Be sure to also spruce up your store with some of your earnings so more people stop by to look at your wares and put your best ensembles on display in your corner of the Fashion Quarter for others to visit online You can freely decorate the interior of your own apartment as well for example by purchasing new furniture To tailor the game to European fashionistas Nintendo of Europe has partnered with a Parisian style agency to coordinate a number of outfits unique to the European release As you progress in the game characters wearing ensembles fitting for SpringSummer and AutumnWinter seasons will appear in the game perhaps helping to inspire you!In addition the unique features of Nintendo 3DS will enable you to download brand new items for your private wardrobe while via StreetPass you can swap Stylist Cards with other players Not only will the character of a player you exchanged cards with come by your shop looking for a new outfit you&39;ll also be able to visit each other&39;s online shops at any time so other players could be checking out your store even when you&39;re not playing When you return to the game you&39;ll find out if anyone liked your clothes - or maybe even purchased some! You can also use the system&39;s Augmented Reality technology to position up to two of your dressed-up characters "in the real world" and capture them in a picture; you could then even use Nintendo 3DS Camera to edit it and add your own flair!On top of that the Check Your Look feature lets you check out your personal style by creating an outfit which is then judged based on six categories Cute Factor Cool Factor Flash Factor Originality Overall Balance and Fashion Factor You&39;ll also be given an overall judgement so dress to impress and have fun passing around your Nintendo 3DS among friends to compare results Nintendo 3DS owners can also look forward to the New Style Boutique Shopping Experience special demo which allows anyone to window shop in the Fashion Quarter part of the game In this demo users can visit real players&39; online shops and splash out on items using a fixed budget or express their appreciation for their favourite outfits Any items purchased using in-game currency in this demo version can be transferred to the full game Happy in-game customers and real-world votes of confidence may be just what you need to set up your own shop and eventually make it big in the game&39;s Fashion Contests!

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