• Puzzle and Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition 3DS Game
Puzzle and Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition 3DS Game

Puzzle and Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition 3DS Game


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Puzzles and Dragons Z is coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS An extended version of the mobile game including more of the RPG elements and all content included - no micro-transactions Released with Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition another full version of the game which will feature characters and settings from the Super Mario series Puzzles and Dragons is a puzzle video game with RPG and strategy elements Developed by GungHo Online Entertainment originally in 2012 for the iOS Android and Kindle Fire platforms Puzzle and Dragons is a very popular puzzle game for smartphones in Japan (over 40 million fans) and is based on a free-to-play model supported by micro-transactions It is a “match-three” type puzzle game which requires the player to rearrange coloured tiles (called Orbs) during a limited amount of time in order clear as many Orbs as possible What type of game is this?Puzzle & Dragons is reminiscent of traditional Match-3 games You can choose and boy or a girl character defeat Monsters to recruit them tame them and evolve them to be stronger monstersThe player needs to re-order different icons called “Drops” on the touch screen Connect 3 or more of the drops of the same colourelement and they will disappear Falling drops replace the drops disappearing and form even more lines The player leads a team of monsters and fight the monsters that appear in the top screen Each monster has a element and will only attack when the corresponding element drop Monsters can be collected and evolved in ways similar to RPGs like Pokémon The way drops are re-organized is different and more strategic than similar games The player can move their next drop all around the Touch Screen’s area and must use this freedom to rearrange other drops and form as many chains as possible 200 monsters to collect6 worlds with 5 dungeonsEach dungeon has 5 floorsHow does Mario fit into this?Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition is a brand new variation of the original Puzzle & Dragons games and is exclusive to 3DS The rules are the same as Puzzles & Dragons Z and the players are still required to fight enemiesHowever all charactersenemies are replaced with famous Super Mario enemies and characters The levels are also based on familiar worlds of the Super Mario series The player controls Mario trying to save Peach from BowserMaps are similar to New Super Mario Bros 44 playable characters and 87 enemy charactersMario can use different Power-Ups that will change his element203 stages in total (100 stages 100 hidden stages 3 time attack stages)

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