• Your Family History Gift Box
Your Family History Gift Box

Your Family History Gift Box

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This gift box not only allows the recipient to discover the history behind their surname, but it also provides them with hints and tips to help them trace their own family history. Simply choose the surname you'd like to discover the history behind (it doesn't have to be your surname), send in your registration form (or fill it in online) and the team of heraldic and genealogical researchers will send you a certificate with the history of the surname. The gift box also provides you with information on how to research your family history. Researching your family tree can take years and years, and the included leaflets will give you handy tips on how to make a start. Once you've found out the names of your ancestors, you can add them to the included, blank family history wall chart.Worried that you won't be able to find information about an unusual surname? The team of heraldic and genealogical researchers behind Your Family History Gift Box have researched more than 80,000 different surnames, so they will hopefully have information on your chosen surname. Occasionally, a surname can be impossible to research and, in this case, you can choose another surname for the team to research.Inside the gift tin you'll find:Welcome Letter (and explanation of your gift)Gift Registration FormTracing Your Family History BookletTracing Your Family History in the US LeafletHistory of Surnames LeafletOrigins of Surnames LeafletFamily History Wall ChartPlease note: If the recipient has a double-barrelled surname, the team of researchers can only look into the history of the first part of the surname.

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