• Cheers - Series 3 DVD
Cheers - Series 3 DVD

Cheers - Series 3 DVD


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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play All 25 episodes from the third series of the 1980s US sitcom based in the bar where everybody knows your name In the two-parter &39;Rebound&39; Coach (Nicholas Colasanto) asks Diane (Shelley Long) to come back from her self-imposed &39;vacation&39; to help Sam (Ted Danson) who has fallen off the wagon In &39;I Call Your Name&39; Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) asks Sam for some advice about his relationship with Diane &39;Fairy Tales Can Come True&39; sees Cliff (John Ratzenberger) meeting an attractive woman at a fancy dress party - but will she like him as much in his own clothes? In &39;Sam Turns the Other Cheek&39; Sam invents a convoluted story to explain how he got shot in the derriére The two-part story &39;Coach in Love&39; sees Coach&39;s new love interest dumping him immediately after she gets a big lottery win Diane recieves a death threat from Frasier&39;s mother in &39;Diane Meets Mom&39; &39;An American Family&39; sees Nick (Dan Hedaya) asking Carla (Rhea Perlman) to divide their marital property more fairly - and that includes their kids In &39;Diane&39;s Allergy&39; Diane breaks out with mysterious symptoms after moving into Frasier&39;s apartment In &39;Peterson Crusoe&39; Norm (George Wendt) is feeling a sense of his own mortality and decides to take off for Bora Bora &39;A Ditch in Time&39; finds Sam dating one of Diane&39;s friends - but quickly discovering that she is extremely intense In &39;Whodunit?&39; Frasier is stunned to hear that Carla is dating his distinguished mentor Dr Ludlow (James Karen) The guys take Frasier snipe-hunting in the forest - and pull a cruel joke on him - in &39;The Heart is a Lonely Snipe Hunter&39; &39;King of the Hill&39; sees Sam entering a charity softball game against the Playboy Bunnies - but his competitive spirit gets the better of him and he ends up striking them all out In &39;Teacher&39;s Pet&39; Sam and the Coach are both taking a geography night class - but while Coach studies hard Sam is more interested in dating the teacher In &39;The Mail Goes to Jail&39; Norm gets arrested after completing Cliff&39;s mail round for him after he falls ill In &39;Bar Bet&39; Sam stands to lose his bar after betting an old friend several years before that he would marry Jacqueline Bisset by a certain date &39;Behind Every Great Man&39; sees Sam having to rethink his chat-up lines after meeting a female reporter who after doing a piece on the Boston singles scene has heard every line in the book In &39;If Ever I Would Leave You&39; Nick is eating humble pie with Carla after Loretta (Jean Kasem) throws him out In &39;The Executive&39;s Executioner&39; Norm is celebrating a work promotion In &39;Cheerio Cheers&39; Sam throws a going-away party for Diane who is off to Italy with Frasier In &39;The Bartender&39;s Tale&39; Carla encourages Sam to hire an older woman to take Diane&39;s place behind the bar &39;The Belles of St Clete&39;s&39; sees Carla organising a school reunion with a difference In &39;Rescue Me&39; Frasier proposes to Sam in Italy - and she immediately calls Sam in the hope he&39;ll talk her out of it

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