• Brandy: A Global History by Becky Sue Epstein (Hardback, 2014)
Brandy: A Global History by Becky Sue Epstein (Hardback, 2014)

Brandy: A Global History by Becky Sue Epstein (Hardback, 2014)


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Made from distilled grape wine and produced in countries spanning the globe brandy is a spirit loved by many long associated with refined taste and sophisticated consumption Yet it has recently welcomed a new surge in popularity thanks to exciting new cocktail trends - today it has taken on a new life in the world of mixology Cognac - the illustrious and elegant amber brandy - is currently one of the most fashionable components of high-end mixed drinks consumed in the world's coolest bars From the spirit's most recognized examples to often overlooked varieties such as Armagnac this book delves into the fascinating history of this globally consumed beverage A richly illustrated book Brandy takes readers on a journey from the alchemists of the Middle Ages to present-day mixology hotspots chronicling the contributions of many cultures to the history of the drink and the beautiful locations in which it is produced For those also inclined to imbibe the book offers advice on buying storing and serving brandy and features classic and new cocktail recipes for both connoisseurs and first-time drinkers to enjoy

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