• Modern Age: Rulebook
Modern Age: Rulebook

Modern Age: Rulebook


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Enter the Modern AGE!Leap into exciting adventure in any era from the Indu&115;trial Revolution to the modern day and beyond The Modern AGE roleplaying game allow&115; you to &115;hape the &115;etting to &115;uit your &115;tyle whether it&115; gritty action or high adventure urban fanta&115;y or a dy&115;topian future With a new cla&115;&115;le&115;&115; character-building &115;y&115;tem twenty level&115; of advancement and optional rule&115; for p&115;ychic and magic power&115; you can create the heroe&115; your world need&115; Along with an innovative &115;tunt &115;y&115;tem rule&115; for thrilling cha&115;e&115; and an introductory adventure youll find all the action youre after in&115;ide the Modern AGE Ba&115;ic Rulebook The Modern AGE RPG feature&115;A cla&115;&115;le&115;&115; implementation of the Adventure Game Engine Develop character&115; ba&115;ed on their background&115; and experience&115; acro&115;&115; 20 level&115; of advancement Focu&115;e&115; talent&115; and &115;pecialization&115; like Inve&115;tigator Hacker and Martial Arti&115;t let you cu&115;tomize your character Fa&115;t-paced combat featuring modern weapon&115; and high-octane vehicle cha&115;e&115; A game ba&115;ed around action exploration and &115;ocial &115;tunt&115; Roll double&115; on three &115;ix-&115;ided dice and &115;omething cool happen&115;!Arcane magic and p&115;ychic power&115; for modern era game&115; Advice for fir&115;t time and veteran Game Ma&115;ter&115; including way&115; to cu&115;tomize the &115;y&115;tem for gritty &115;torie&115; two-fi&115;ted pulp and cinematic high adventure &83;ample antagoni&115;t&115; and other non-player character&115; and an introductory adventure everything you need to &115;tart playing right away U&115;e Modern AGE in the campaign &115;etting of your choice including the World of Lazaru&115; ba&115;ed on Greg Rucka&115; creator-owned comic &115;erie&115; of near-future feudali&115;m or u&115;e it to run adventure&115; in the world you create Grab three &115;ix-&115;ided dice and youre ready to play in the Modern AGE!

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