• Deponia Nintendo Switch Game
Deponia Nintendo Switch Game

Deponia Nintendo Switch Game


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WELCOME TO THE MULL! At the center stands Rufus a cranky and ill-tempered inhabitant of the scrap planet Deponia He lives in a small settlement somewhere in the most remote quadrant of the world-wide waste dump Deponia But Rufus feels called to higher things and dreams of a life in the spaceship Elysium the floating city high above the planet&39;s surface When suddenly the beautiful goal from these privileged spheres falls into a neighboring garbage mountain Rufus senses his chance He decides to bring the unconscious beauty back to their homeland If this project initially represents only a vague hope then soon an unscrupulous plan is consolidated Rufus turns out to be the exact replica of Goal&39;s fiancee from the upper world Completely redesigned controller with optimal use of the functions of the switch controllerUnique game world in the tradition of Douglas Adams Terry Pratchett and Matt GroeningDetailed hand-drawn graphics in HD splendor and animated cartoons

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